Tuesday, August 26, 2008

one20farm pops!

All summer we have been experimenting with Popsicles. fun things to experiment with, huh?!
Our goal has been to go for Ohio grown fruits and organic. That means cleaning and freezing alot until we need it! We decided we need to get some fruit plants next year and grow our own. that might be easier!
So with the
Fayre around the corner, we need to get cranking and make more of these sweet babies to sell at the Fayre on Labor Day!

The Freezer is packed full and ready for you to dig into the local fruit yumminess of Ohio's Fruits. (black currant shown below in its purple glory! sorry I just ate the last one as I am typing! maybe next year)

We will have yummy flavors like :

  • cantaloupe lemon thyme (shown above)
  • pure Ohio watermelon (shown above)
  • nectarine and blackberry
  • peach and nectarine

and much more.

If you would like to order some let us know. of course it will depend on the season and what is available!
one20farm at gmail.com


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