Monday, December 14, 2009

Pumpkin seeds in our compost?

I looked in one of our large worm compost bins last week and found some rather large sprouts. Looking closer found out they are pumpkin seeds. Jeremy reminded me that worms wont touch a sprout, plant or food until it starts to break down. God's design are so cool! So they benefit a garden not destroy it. Brilliant!

Another successful worm farm in Cape Cod talks about the benefits of worm composting.


composting worms said...

I have not encoutered this but I guess it must be a good sign that your compost has more than enough nutrients for your garden plants!

One20 Farm and BluGiRlinK said...

yes it is good! but we think that might be the one benefit of why some folks microwave their seeds and such before composting, that way the worms will eat it instead of ignoring it until they rot. it is fun tho to look in and see what is growing!

Dove Soup said...

When I find sprouts I just turn the bed and that's the end of them. I learned the hard way that a few pumpkin seeds can takeover a huge compost pile leaving you with a pumpkin patch in a very inconvenient location and nothing to replenish the garden with.