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About Us
Who is One20 Farm?

A Culinary Chef and an Artist who have fallen in love with God's green earth. With a passion to teach their kids were their food comes from and responsibility for where it goes.

Our Mission
To provide our community with the tools and understanding to live more sustainable and efficiently and rebuild our food culture.

Our Story
One 20 is the result of a marriage between a sustainably minded woman with some earth loving family influences and a Chef / “Food Nerd” weary of tales about contaminated vegetables.

We began with a tiny backyard garden inside a dog kennel (couldn’t keep the dogs in it, so might as well use it to keep them out) and grew over a couple of years into multiple small plots.  The garden became not just our personal produce department but also a classroom for us and our kids, an environment to teach about the importance of natural food as well as God’s complex creativity.

Vermiculture was introduced to us by our friends with the same urban farm passions and it just seemed like the natural evolution of our project, “Loving Food from Birth to Earth”.