Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sex Ed the Red Wiggler Way

Today I went to talk to our daughters forth grade class about worms and worm composting, I must say that I was really surprised at how much they knew about worms. At the end of the presentation I allowed the kids to come up row by row to look in the small box I had taken in (it was funny to carry in a converted Grey Goose Vodka box to an elementary school). As they came up pretty much all the kids wanted to hold a worm, they aren't all freaked out like grown-ups about harmless invertebrates. While handing out worms to kids I noticed that one I picked out looked funny so I brushed off all the bedding stuck to it and realized that there were two, and they were mating! Anyone who has kept worms probably knows that this is a rare sight to see, in three years I have never seen it until now, but that's not the coolest thing. After a few more kids came up and a few more worms were passed out we found another mating pair, two in one day and in the same small population! I realize it shows what a science nerd at heart that I am that I found this a little exciting but it was especially cool for the kids to get to see this. I know that alcohol can have some strange effects on the libido but I had no idea that an alcohol box could do the same thing to worms!