Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beware of unwanted pests!

For all you vermiculturists out there, a friendly reminder about things to watch out for when bringing your worm bins indoors for the winter. Be careful to not bring in any unwanted pests, they can wreak havoc on your home. Pictured here is a good example of two highly destructive pests that will consume all the worm food before it even makes it into the bin. Not only that but they are nearly impossible to get rid of and they are constantly buzzing in your ears and steal all your stuff, the larger female just took a coat from me and keeps landing in my wife's water cup. The male is slightly less noticeable as he tends to keep to himself buzzing in the distance but torments the cat to no end. Worst of all is at night time when they creep into you bed without notice until suddenly you wake up because they have consumed your bed covering.

So as always, be careful with those worm bins this winter and this Christmas, give a really fun and useful gift, the gift of worms! Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

But do be carfeul when you bring in your bins, and avoid using outdoor compost that may contain fly larvea. We found that out 2 years ago and had a small problem with moth flies!

john said...

Take care of your ears.There is chance of ear infection from this.

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