Wednesday, August 26, 2009

canning fun!

This week has been a tomato field day!
We have canned 12 jars of tomatillos, 12 jars of tomatoes and 12 jars of tomato juice. Plus Germ has turned 60 pounds of tomatoes into 3 gallons of sauce for the wedding this weekend at the farm.
and there is STILL more to do!
Aren't these Tomatillos beautiful?!!

We used the water bath method which is for acidic foods. Did you know that the boiling point and acid work together to eliminate botulism? Maybe some day Germ can give you a history lesson on botulism...
I did find this amazing blog called Canning Jars Etc. that tells you almost all you need to know about canning! Right now its time to take a Tomato break! Maybe blueberry lemon jam next week...

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