Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cloth Worm Composting Bin Set up and ready to go...

I liked the Navy and Teal Worm Composting bag so much I decided to set it up in our computer room.
Set up was simple.

We put together the frame.

the bag is made of eco-felt
(felt that is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. On average, 10 plastic bottles will produce 1 pound of fiber), which I placed the bag over the top of the frame. I pulled the drawstring at the base of the bag closed tight and
placed the black bucket underneath the frame.
Then the fun part, I mixed the coconut coir fiber block with about 2 gallons of water, let soak for a bit. When I came back it was all spread out in a mass,
I mixed in 1 pound of red wriggler worms, and some shredded paper.
We like shredded paper better because it does a much better job then
hand ripped paper.
I then added half the mix to the Worm Composting bag that I set up. Added about 2 pounds of food scraps,
(you can see the pumpkins seeds they love them!)

Then top off with the rest of the worm and fiber mix.
I added shredded newspaper and copy paper to the top to keep moisture in.

All Done! my large curious dog has not even cared about this new thing in our back room. Proving to me that the smell is not as much as some might fear.
We add to it every 2 days and add water as needed. Easiest pet I have ever had! and I can compost in the winter in Ohio, which is the best plus!

the lid is light and the directions can be on the top or hidden on the inside.
I love the fact that the kids can add to it and have no problems.
I can add that to their chore list now even in the winter time!!

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