Sunday, June 19, 2011

How does your Garden grow? T-shirt give away!

Want to win a I Love Dirt T-shirt?!

Comment below and tell us what you are growing in your garden. It's as easy as that!

We know it has been a WET season here in Ohio so far. But we don't want you to be defeated! We want to spread the encouragement, keep spreading the excitement to growing fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, or something other than grass in your yard! What have you started to grow in your space? Trying something new this year? What are you using to fertilize your garden?
We want to hear about it!
We want to know!
Share with us below and we will pick one lucky winner on July 2nd to be the winner of one of our new awesome I LOVE DIRT t-shirts!

Want to purchase a T-shirt? All proceeds go to help us teach worm composting classes in city schools, buy one today and help us out!

Congrats to Oogle for sharing your comments and winning a tshirt!


ooglebloops said...

We have a veggie garden every year, also grow a front porch garden of lavender and herbs, and am trying to grow hops and asparagus this year. I have yet to get the asparagus in the ground - and the hops are not coming up! Hmmmmm!! Our horses provide the fertilizer, and the neighbors provided chicken manure for our hay fields. It must be working - there are tons of worms- every time I dig a hole!!

Marie said...

This is the first year we have really put in a full garden & it's doing great! We have eaten some peas already & our tomatoes, onions,peppers, squash, and cabbage are getting huge. Hopefully the cukes do better this year than last. The impatients by our front steps have really brightened up our little corner too!

Rebag said...

I raise a veggie garden every year and freeze or can most of the fruits of my labor... This yr I added some new fruit trees, 2 apricot and 2 apple... all doing good I also added a very small space of herbs consisting of parsley, and garlic chives...... This year has been the wettest I have ever seen for this time of year, as of two weeks ago we had close to a 4 " rain and my garden was submerged...sow it is full of grass out growing my veggies and still under water so can not accomplish much, but the day will come...

Blessings to you and happy Gardening!!

ooglebloops said...

Got my t-shirt!!
Thank you!! Love it - and my daughter promptly claimed it- pic on my FB. I'll put it on my blog soon and send you the link!!

ooglebloops said...

Here's my blog post -

One20 Farm and BluGiRlinK said...

that is great! thanks again for entering!