Saturday, December 3, 2011

30 in 30 Challenge!

This year I (Kellie) have been inspired by my friend Annie at Blue Rock Station to purge so I can truly live more simple. But with work, kids, business and life in general its really hard to set aside time to sort the studio and make it happen! In addition, several years ago I went through some genetic anxiety issues that left me unable to even deal with my studio, let alone create very much. After climbing out of the whole, I am left with piles of fun things I just don't have time for.

 As an artist, I am always finding new cool things to make or add to artwork, but when you live in a small home, its hard to make room for all that cool shiny found stuff. Plus who wants to spend their time sorting things, and putting things in buckets? Not I. My sister said the other day "How come winter cleaning inst as inspirational as Winter cleaning, you should be cleaning out clutter to make room for staying indoors for the season, right?" Good point! And this time of year is usually when we bring more in for the Holidays right?!

I thought THAT'S IT! Time to sort and get things out of here! I saw on another blog, a women who was doing a 47 in 47 challenge, so I can scale it back and do a 30 in 30 challenge! What's that you ask!?
30 bags of stuff can be trash, donated or given away in 30 days!
So I am off to start, if I make it public, then I will more likely get it done! Right?
I have my 3 piles started, plus items on my supply shop, the giveaway pile is growing! 
My current studio
So cheer me on, but also share with me how you plan on clearing out clutter, simplify your life to start the new year! January 4th I am going to give away 1lb of Worm Castings to the lucky winner who shared their plans and motivations for making life simpler with less stuff! 
Updates to come! ~Kellie

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Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

I am purging a few bags a week of excess stuff in preparation for moving (hopefully) in the spring. We've set aside the week between xmas and new years for a huge purge of the basement and garage. I'm sure we'll come up with at least 30 bags of stuff there.

Your supply shop is awesome! I don't need more craft supplies but I'll pass it along to some friends who are more crafty.