Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kids and Composting

Summer is in full effect, Wow is it a wet one!
We are headed out to an Art Camp for Columbus Metro Parks & Rec today. I am excited to work with kids, many who don't know much about composting. We take advantage of the fact that recycling and composting is an everyday part of how we live.
But not to everyone. 

We love to ask kids what they know about composting. When we set the composting bin out, most kids have no fear of getting dirty. They dig right in, ask questions and root around in our worm bins. In fact, most of the time its the parents with the fear of dirt. "but it's dirty, don't touch it". Thankfully, most of the kids rebel and touch the dirt anyways. We just smile. 
We ask lots of questions to get the kids thinking. 
Why should we compost?
Why does it matter if food scraps go to the landfill?
 To hear their answers and as they start to think things out makes us, well, happy!

Get your kids out in the garden this week, dig in, and count all the critters you find. 
Dig in and see how healing the soil really can be!

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