Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Natural Cleaning Kit - Little Square Farm

I finally got tired of paying money for stinky chemicals in my house. I wanted to go Green in the cleaning department too. I read an article where a woman in NY spent $4,ooo switching to "green cleaners" on the market. What?! I always heard it was simple. After talking a while with Diane at Little Square Farm, I got an awesome starter kit at http://www.littlesquarefarm.com/ for under $50! This All Natural Cleaning Kit is perfect for starting out because it has everything you need. really.

I was always taught you need heavy cleaners to clean your floor. But if they are really "clean" how come you wont let you baby crawl on it right away? Why do you freak out if your dog licks the mop head? Hmmm, what does this tell you?

Many of you might know, I don't really like to clean. oh hush, you can't be shocked! It just isn't my idea of a faboo afternoon. The day after I brought this kit home, my daughter started begging to clean the windows. hmmm, should have done this sooner! ;) It worked great! Casie and I in fact went to town and used everything. I used the All Purpose Cleaner on the counter, walls, dining room table. Sweet, no stink!! I added Orange cent to the floor Cleaner. smells much better than chemical lemon! Casie used the dusting spray with the rag. Love it! the rag has a fine tooth that grabs the dust. perfect and simple. Baking soda is the scrubby powder, no secret there. but a nice reminder that the simple things tend to work best. I used the big natural brush with the baking soda in the tub, nice combo. I even like the bucket! Which in our house a clean bucket is a rare species. Essential oils add to these so your house doesn't have that "oh, so fresh feeling" of vinegar. but ya know, I have come quickly to associate that smell with "clean". and our lungs feel better. go figure!
go check out http://www.littlesquarefarm.com/ in the green cleaning section and tell them I sent ya!

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