Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paw Paw Festival!

We went to the Paw Paw fest on Saturday 9/13 in Athens. We missed it last year and wanted to make it this year for sure!
What is a Paw Paw? well if you ask Germ, they are magical! I have heard it described as a banana and mango got "busy". I am not fond of Mangos ( I have tried!) but I like the Paw Paw. It is not musky like the mango.

anyhow, it is a Ohio fruit that has been forgotten until the last several years when folks have tried to bring it back.

We have some paw paw trees growing with hopes of having several more started this spring.

Maybe even a paw paw forest someday? hmmm, I would loose Germ in there forever!


If you live in Ohio or any of the nearby states and you don't know what a Pawpaw is, you should find out. A friend told me about these allusive little gems about four years ago and the first time I saw a whole one was at Whole Foods Market where I paid $6.00 for one that had been shipped all the way from California! Ridiculous?! Yes it was, but I didn't know where else to find them at the time. The one you see me eating in the photo was grown just a few miles from where I ate it and I paid just 50 cents for it and I'll say this, California may be good at growing a lot of things, but they ain't got nothin on Ohio when it comes to Pawpaws! That thing was DAMN Tasty! Mark Twain referred to the Cherimoya (a tropical distant cousin of the Pawpaw) as "deliciousness itself", well I've had some tasty cherimoyas too but I think the man should have looked a little closer to home for something to tag that line to, especially since these green gems grow down south too.

I know that another tropical cousin, the Guanabana aka Graviola or Soursop is being researched for really cool cancer fighting abilities in the plant and I believe that the Pawpaw may also harbor some of those desirable traits as well.

So anyway, if you get a chance to try a locally grown Pawpaw DO IT! You won't likely regret it, unless you get hold of a bad one, but if you are interested in trying out some other Pawpaw products you can check out this is a farm in Albany, Ohio that specializes in Pawpaw stuff.


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