Thursday, October 2, 2008

Empty Nest

The days are growing shorter and the air is getting much cooler, and it's all happening way too fast! I'm already beginning to miss the long days out in the sun working in the dirt, but this is Ohio and the growing season is just that-a season. Sure there are some things that will last through the colder weather like the leeks and beets, maybe even some continued arugula growth if I'm lucky, but mostly it's coming to an end. Tomorrow after work (that's what I call the job that I don't enjoy) I'll come home and cut & bundle most of the collard greens, box up some tomatoes and peppers and snip basil into bundles along with some sage and get it all ready for the Urban Farmers Market held at the Xenos Christian Fellowship Fourth Street Pavilion. We decided that rather than get our own booth we would let them sell our stuff at the churches table where they determine a nice price that is still easily affordable to some of the lower income families in the area because while it would be nice to make some good money from my labor, I would rather make good, healthy food affordable and available to families that typically can only afford food that will do them more harm than good, sorry folks but calories don't equal quality. But I digress.
On another note altogether-THE WORMS ARE COMING!
Red worms are ordered and should be here in a few days to take refuge in their hand-crafted one and a half foot by one and a half foot by four foot wooden worm buffet, where they will be fed a veritable cornucopia of delicious items (at least if your a red worm). With lot's of luck and some careful breeding and feeding, we should have worms, castings and worm tea ready to sell by late winter/early spring, so if you are interested in any of those things be sure to drop us a line for more info at .

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