Friday, February 13, 2009

HH Garden Challenge

This short burst of warm weather got me motivated. With all the energy I dream I have I could farm 4 acres by myself. fantasies of chickens running wild in our backyard, rows of crops, rows of pawpaw trees and blackberry bushes. reality hits. we live in the city and I still have to work a real job (have to work on that) and we live on less then 1/2 acre.
That's ok, half of our front yard is going to be crops this year, and half of the backyard. Kids said they wanted some grass left (even if they play in mud most of the time;) permaculture baby. slowly the grass is disappearing. until we can afford a farm that is...

anyway! There are so many vegetables and herbs I wanna plant! how do we decide? then I saw this garden challenge on Hen and Harvest
Love it. Too many times I forget to pay it forward, to share, when I am feeling anxious about making ends meet. But even when times are tough I want to be able to give away collard greens or basil to the neighbors. I challenge you, to sign up for this challenge,
to make a little bit of a difference is better then none.



Momma Bear said...

No frickin way I just joined and posted this on my blog!

And are you going to do chix's? I so want to but I think I need to wait until the kids are bigger. But is there a way to split it between families? do you know?

BlueGirlInk and One20 Farm said...

I would think you could! good qeustion!