Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bag it!

So this past winter, we decided we wanted to watch an enviromental documentary once a week. Well that can get depressing real quick in the winter time. So we moved that to 1-3 in a month. there are some great documentries on Netflix right now!
this week I watched Bag it. Wow. this is a great film that looks at our habits and how we can make changes in our own life, and how those changes DO make a difference.
Every American uses at least 800lbs in packing plastic alone in one year. I know Amazon and Walmart has stepped up in this department by demanding less packaging materials included in items, like toys. We all know that nightmare on Holiday mornings. Amazon even offers basic options for some toys with no frill packaging, just cardboard.
Bag It

Freaked out by your addiction to plastic bags? There are a lot of options, cloth produce bags, gorgeous handmade upcycled shopping bags. Do your homework, it may take some extra thought but it is so worth it! Live in Columbus? Check out Sprout Soup or Generation Green for some great bag options! Etsy has great ideas too.

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