Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Full Circle

Could you imagine if businesses were not only able to grow their own food (or most of it) but also to compost their own waste? 
That is the goal we are striving towards here.  We began with a small garden growing organically raised fruits & vegetables, from there we added worm composting and began to sell the worms and their castings to other folks so they could recycle their waste into great garden food.  Well now we are working towards the next step.  Our goal is to grow food that we will process into a delicious fizzy beverage and the waste product from that will then be fed to our worms which will in turn transform that waste into more compost for growing more food for production, and the cycle continues, a completely closed loop system of growth, production and waste recycling.
Minimal impact other than the positive impact on our land and the customers we serve.
We are just in the beginning stages of this project but we will keep you all posted on how things progress along the way.
Until next time,
Stay Dirty!

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