Sunday, April 19, 2009

Worm Castings

We have some Worm casting bags listed online at

until our site is done at
We have 1 pound bags listed of worm castings. plus "worm tea" bags made with paper teabags,
for those of you who dont want the mess!
Soon starting next week we will have a "house blend" which
is equal parts worm castings and dried used coffee grounds.
Why you ask?
Coffee grounds are really great for your compost. If you throw them in your garden they need to be dried out first. But they can raise your nitrogen content in your soil = happy plants! Tests show that the acidic volume is taken out of the grounds considerably during the brewing process. Acid loving plants and worms love used coffee grounds. Be sure that it is mixed well with your soil. We recommend one part: worm castings, top soil and used dried coffee grounds. all mixed well before adding to your garden.
We have been picking up regular containers of used coffee grounds from Crimson Cup on High street. They are committed to cutting their volume of waste in the dumpster. This is great to coffee shops and restaurants trying to make less of an impact!
Visit them and tell them thank you!

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